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New video released – Colombia’s Assessment Authors Reflect on the IPBES Assessment Process

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The Instituto de Investigación de Recursos Biológicos Alexander von Humboldt produced a short film in which authors from Colombia’s national ecosystem assessment reflect on how they tailored the IPBES assessment process to the country’s context. The authors share their experiences and perspectives of being involved in Colombia’s first evaluation of knowledge on biodiversity and ecosystem services, which brought together diverse knowledge holders.

As a reminder, the completion of this national ecosystem assessment was a collaborative effort by 105 authors from all regions of Colombia, including indigenous peoples and local communities, with support from the National Ecosystem Assessment Initiative. More than 93,000 hours over more than 3 years were spent voluntarily gathering, analysing, and synthesising 1,500 sources of scientific and traditional knowledge.

As a result, Colombia’s national ecosystem assessment successfully presented data on the status and trends of the country’s biodiversity and future pathways to change until 2050. The assessment shows that, as a megadiverse, multi-ethnic, and multicultural country, the wellbeing of Colombia’s people is truly tied to nature.