The Sub-Global Assessment Network

The Sub-Global Assessment Network

The Sub-Global Assessment Network (SGAN) aims to build the capacity of its members, including practitioners, researchers and policymakers, to undertake and use ecosystem assessments.

The SGAN aims to convene a community of practice that builds capacity and shares experiences around sub-global ecosystems assessments. Members of the network may include practitioners, researchers and decision-makers.

In 2007, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), in collaboration with a consortium of partners, convened the SGAN to provide ongoing support for sub-global assessments catalyzed during the course of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment or in its follow-up.

UNEP-WCMC is pleased to be reconvening members and welcoming new partners to the SGAN. The aim is to strengthen the activities of the network by:

  • Supporting national ecosystem assessments
  • Encouraging & fostering knowledge-sharing between sub-global assessments
  • Providing training opportunities relating to tools, approaches and assessment processes

By bringing together the National Ecosystem Assessment Initiative and the Sub-Global Assessment Network, UNEP-WCMC aims to increase the support to countries undertaking sub-global ecosystem assessments and foster knowledge sharing and capacity building among those involved on assessments.

The Sub-Global Assessment Network will be hosting more webinars in the coming months. Click on the button below to join the network and stay up to date on webinars and future events: