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Webinar: Global Presentation of Cameroon’s National Ecosystem Assessment (March 2022)

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Date: 09 March 2022

Key elements:

  • Provided an overview of Cameroon’s national ecosystem assessments process and findings
  • Highlighted the achievements and impact of Cameroon’s findings to support decision-making
  • Encouraged and facilitated sharing experiences and lessons on national ecosystem assessments


  • Madame Joséphine Eloundou, National Focal Point for IPBES
  • Mrs Galega Prudence, Assessment Co-chair
  • Mr Gounes, Coordinating Lead Author (CLA)
  • Professor William Mala, Coordinating Lead Author (CLA)
  • Dr. Phil René Oyono, Coordinating Lead Author (CLA)
  • Dr DINSI Stanley Chung, NEA Project Coordinator, NESDA